I Follow The Gods Of Chaos

I Follow The Gods Of Chaos

We <3 Roleplay is back for another round of awesome stuff to make your SL more fun! Because of the inevitability that I won’t be able to showcase everything, I advise you to check out this shopping guide and see what’s for sale. Some of the really cool things that stuck out to me immediately, I’ve included in this shot. I’ll do another post with dresses later.

For now, though, I wanted to show off these awesome weapons from BAMSE and Empyrean Forge, as well as the animal skull from Yummy. I combined these with a cool armor set from Heretech for a look that lets me blend in with a battle sim like Chaos Indivism‘s (btw they’re recruiting right now).

With so much that We <3 Rp is offering, battle sims are something I’m becoming interested in. When I’m not golfing in SL, gardening, or sailing a boat on the Blake Sea, I like running around and blowing people up in combat. Think of combat sims as a neverending game of paintball, but with bombs. You don’t have to become a part of an SL military group to shoot people on a sim, but you should observe the rules when you visit one.

My top advice for engaging in combat in SL is: it’s fun, so don’t get angry if you die a lot. Everyone dies. Then they respawn and come back again. That’s video games for you! So if you visit a combat sim, set your home to the spawn point and remember to laugh.

What I’m Wearing
Heretech – Sororius Armor
Yummy – Faux Animal Skull Headdress*
Jack Spoon – Creepy Mask (Speak No Evil)
BAMSE – Steam Crusher Axe*
Empyrean Forge – Borealis Sword*

22769 – Street Kitchen (background/food vendor)*
Souzou Eien – Apothecary Set (scales and cauldron)*

*available at We<3RP!

Still Cold

Still Cold

Once in a while, I dig into my sorted inventory to create my outfit of the day or the week, cos I don’t know when I will change my outfit next. My inventory is divided into sorted and unsorted. If it is sorted, then I’ve already worn it and blogged it. If it hasn’t been sorted, one of those two things didn’t happen yet, and I don’t want to forget about it.

My outfit today is actually inspired by the scene. My friend invited me to this winter sim a few days ago, when I was still wearing the summer romper from the last post. I went back to the sim to explore with proper winter clothing on, and now I feel that I can cross it off my list.

Still Cold

Do you try to match your look to the scene or try to stand out?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
LeLutka – Cat Hair
Monso – My Fur Hoody (White)
Teefy – Kelly Knotted Tank Top (Summertime)
Monso – My First Jeans (Black)
Ingenue – Alma Boots (Noir)

Seaside at Hestium II


Hello from Hestium II! I’m working a lot of scarlet red into my outfit today cos this is the month of love, after all. I am so ready for Spring and warmer weather! I am wearing the Kayla Romper from Teefy, and pairing it with this lovely hat from LeLutka and Austen hair from Truth.


There’s nothing more satisfying to me than when I can wear different reds from various brands and they match! Is there a word for this feeling of satisfaction? If not, there should be!

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO – Alex Mesh Head
Pink Fuel – Kiyomi Skin
Truth Hair – Austen (no hat)
LeLutka – Gogo Hat (included with Gogo hair)
Teefy – Kayla Romper (Scarlet)
Ingenue – Lydia D Booties (Crimson)
VCO – Bunny Phone (Rare3)

Double Love

According to some people, I’m an “online crossdresser”, most likely because they don’t understand how Second Life works for those who are nonbinary (meaning, a gender identity which doesn’t fit with just “male” or “female”). If you want to understand a bit more, listen in on my story and see how this might stack up against your original opinion of nonbinary users in SL.

Back in 2003, I didn’t know what being genderfluid was. I do, however, remember making a beeline for the men’s section in a department store and buying slacks and oversized shirts to hide my figure. I had no idea why I was doing this. I was just doing it. Before I had a name for what I was, I did it and was happy, not caring about the weird looks other people in the store were giving me.

About ten years later, I began “masking” (as my people call it) for performance art and to play with gender again. I liked the way I felt when people said, “I can’t tell if you’re a man or a woman”. It made me feel powerful, like I had defied something and become a completely new person entirely. I took it and ran with it–it was my life, my rules, but those were not the things I practiced in SL yet. When a newspaper asked me to talk about my work, I talked about shifting genders when masking. I was proud of who I had become and you can find that article to this day. Continue Reading

We Need To Talk About Racism On The Grid

Note: Plurk images have been moved to a mirror blog.

The man in this picture could be anything. He’s got fair skin and light eyes. His long hair are put into braids, and his cheekbones are prominent. Even if he didn’t match the race you think I said he was, he is that because I deem him to be.

He is me–as a male, in the grid. I created him to be more creole-looking than my female counterpart, which I still think doesn’t look that Caucasian to me. Before I donned a mesh head with either gender identity, my avatar resembled my grandmother–a creole woman who would probably cut her hair short and dye it bright red if she were the age I am now.

Even if I change bits of myself in the game, I carry my heritage with me. I know other black users who along with me, mix and match hair, eye colors, and skin tones. We don’t do it to escape–but some black users do. I don’t fault them for it because I understand the grid isn’t very tolerant of us.

Second Life has been used as a means of escape for so many people. In the end, though, we’re just that–people. It’s inevitable that things like civil rights would rear their head here after a while. Especially when you get incidents of users being silenced when talking about racism. Continue Reading

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