Your IMs capped, so what?

Hello from Enchanted Alice! Be prepared to fall through a few rabbit holes, but you will be rewarded with the most beautiful waterfall ever built in Second Life. I’m amazed it was built inside a skybox! You have to come see the waterfall, it’s breathtaking.

Enchanted Alice

Offlines is my favorite ways to chat with my SL friends when I’m offline. Anytime someone IMs you when you’re offline, the message gets sent to your email if you have it checked in your settings. Go to your SL Change Email Settings page, and make sure it is checked!

Offlines to Email

Sasy Scarborough goes into depth about Offlines to Email on her blog post, read all about it and never miss a message again. I often see creators or customer service reps. write in their profiles that their offline IMs get capped as a reason for missing messages, and I wonder why they’re not using Offlines to Email? Even basic users with only 15 offline IMs available, should be able to receive the rest of their offlines sent to email without missing a single message.

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Hello Kitty Village; Astralia x Sanrio

Hello Kitty Village

I went Hello Kitty Village last night, to see my childhood favorites interpreted digitally. The 4 regions are stamped with Hello Kitty everywhere, free rides if you can bear the lag, and a few shopping items made by Astralia, in collaboration a brand in real life called JimmyPaul. You can read all about the event on the AstraliaWorld site.

Some time ago, Astralia received licensing rights from Sanrio to sell Second Life content (decor, clothing) with Sanrio characters on them, with the most recognizable character being Hello Kitty. Brands in real life have cashed in on the appeal of Hello Kitty & friends for decades, so it wasn’t a surprise to see it eventually make its way into the virtual world.

Hello Kitty Village

The Astralia x Hello Kitty 45th anniversary event runs from November 1st – November 15th. This theme-park like event is packed with rides, photo-op places, and some clothing & decor by Astralia. You can pay the event $799L for a souvenir picture, or you can be like me and take your own selfie! I saved money by buying nothing at this event, which wasn’t hard, since I don’t like plastic kiddy colors.

Hello Kitty Village
Tip: You can get a free balloon by clicking the giant gift box in the VIP area.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Blur the Line
  • Empire – Letter Necklace
  • Ingenue – Holly Flats (Blush)
  • Ricielli – Leah Sweater, Shorts

Reducing Lag on Bellisseria

Fish Ice Cream

Are my neighbors lagging me on Bellisseria? Yes, the more densely populated a region is, the more chances of lag increasing due to scripted objects running on the region and nearby avatars causing you lag. I’ll write a blog post about Avatar Rendering Cost sometime, but I don’t find other avatars to be a problem since I don’t render them. However, since I am living communally on Bellisseria, I do care when my neighbors are using an excessive amount of scripts on their land and increasing lag for everyone on the region. Find out what causes lag and how to reduce lag on the official Second Life wiki.

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Drive with Gogo

Culprit Hovery Craft

Let’s go for a ride! I meant to tell you guys about the Culprit Hovery Craft (visit the mainstore) last week cos of the limited time sale, but I’ve been too busy riding, flying, and sailing it ALL over Bellisseria. It’s truly the best little classic car ever. I can give one friend a ride with it, and I’ve been driving all of them home in my little car. I say this should be the official ride for Bellisseria, cos it’s good on land, sea, and air.

Culprit Hovery Craft
Beep! Beep!

Driving can be a bit challenging on Bellisseria, especially with land orbs ejecting people too quickly. 15 seconds is not enough time to reverse and get out of a parcel when you’ve accidentally driven off the road. Please, dear neighbors, stop using land orbs. For as long as I have been on Bellisseria (since April 15th), no one has ever wandered onto my land uninvited. It doesn’t happen as much as people would like to think.

Culprit Hovery Craft

The Culprit Hovery Craft also includes a rezzer, so you can rez it on your land for friends and neighbors to use. So awesome, and so cheap for everything that it comes with, and all of the joy it brings.

I love the Culprit Hovery Craft so much that I built a carport to store it! Well, I didn’t actually build it, Blush Bravin did, but I rezzed it on my land and built a drive way for it. I avoid mega add-ons cos I enjoy my sparsely decorated beach. This carport and porch add-on is not too big, and suits the tiny Adams house very well.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Elle
  • The Secret Store – Flora Lace Top, Aster Garter Shorts