Artilleri sale!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spoil meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

We’re truly spoiled this week with all the sales going on! Even if the grid suffers from stale transactions, MOST of my purchases have gone through.

Yes, I washed this car, it’s sparkley now 😛

Artilleri is having a clearance sale from now until May 3rd. Tons of items are being discontinued, so go grab anything you like because it’s your last chance! And it’s 50% off!!! The cute hairstyle above is the sabrina hair, and comes in 3 different shades per pack for only 95L!

Not shown here, but I recommend getting the hair flowers too, they’re my favorite hair accessory.

While I was at the sale, I couldn’t resist peeking inside artilleri and getting myself a new bikini! I bought the palekaiko bikini because the flower pattern is gorgeous, and reminds me of Hawaiian retro fabrics.

*note* The sale as at the drive-in parking lot, just follow the green dots.

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