1. That skirt would be good if the pants layer blended with the prim skirt better, otherwise – cool.

  2. Hey Gogo, what skins do you normally wear? They are so striking, I’ve been meaning to ask for ages…

  3. Hiii Hachi! I tend to switch between different brands. I guess the ones I wear the most are Minnu Model Skins (by Minnu Palen) or Gala skins (by Gala Phoenix). I like them both for different reasons, so some days it’s really hard to choose which one to wear! 😛 I change my skin/hair/clothes about 5x a day.

  4. Thanks Gogo for posting these! The skirt needs to be better fit to Gogo’s frame, perhaps that is why it doesnt blend so well 🙂
    Thanks again!

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