Sculpted Pink Flowers Bouquet

I found this lovely pink flowers bouquet on Onrez! For……… FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

They’re by AI Design Studio, and they’ve inspired this blog entry.

I can’t tear myself away from the ChouChou sim, it’s so empty but soo lovely.

[Artsy random photo]

Flowers are for meehhhhh!!!

[Emo artsy shot]

This pose was suppose to be sexy, but it just looks like my hands got chopped off 🙁

Bad sl pose!!!!

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  1. I know you got your eyes at Detour but what pack are they? The frozen? Not looking for blue but a good brown eye. Thank you!

  2. hi Terri! I wear the Detour Icey blue the most, but I have the other packs too. I would really look closely at each eye pack and see if you like the iris size, and reflection etc. Some eyes are way too big.. and I think it can ruin your whole look.

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