Focus on Bijou

Bijou is sexayyy!!!!!!!! I like this Focus outfit because it’s different. It’s like lingerie you can wear outside! <3

[Sleeveless shirt option]

[Complete outfit, back view]

[Worn with Intimizzio panties because it’s layerable!! You can wear any panties you want for this outfit and truly mix-n-match.

And have you been to Maitreya lately? Gorgeous new hair textures!! *DROOLS* The new hair textures are my hair obsession for the week. I’m wearing Maitreya’s Eva-More hair in this entry to match the outfit because it has a sexy tousled look.

Other items worn: Maitreya’s Sassy Wedges (in Velvet Rose)

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  1. Oh yes!
    My ass was seriously kicked by the sex appeal of this outfit when I saw it in-store. I loooooove the stocking suspenders, I wish they were my idea XD.

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