I’m on a roll… more fab menswear that looks great on us girlies too!

On the same sim as bitterCandy, there is a shop called Republik. Right now there’s only a small collection of menswear, but again, all the items at this shop are transfer!!! Gift.GIVING.GALORE!

Most items are scripted to change colors via a menu on touch, which is like getting a dozen different items in one that is sure to match many existing items in your wardrobe.

[Republik – Sport Jacket (with sculpted collar) | Elephant Outfitters – Jordyn Shorts (White) | Republik – Letterman bag (color changeable via menu) | AOHARU – Lily hair]

[Republik – Grunge Shoe (color + texture changeable via menu) | Republik – Fight Club Glass (color changeable via menu) | PixelDolls – Antihero Bikini | Tukinowaguma – meguGold hair]

[Republik – FREEEBIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-Shirt (White)]

*EDIT**** The ciggie is from FNKY Cake, Funk Schnook makes my fav ciggie in all of SL. I’m putting this in so Funk cannot say I NEVER credit his awesometastic ciggies anymore.

Even though Republik’s collection is geared towards men, I think the Grunge Shoe is really cute (esp. because it has pink stars texture!!!) and <3 the Sports Jacket.

Tp to Republik to view the entire collection!

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  1. hi – i like the hair you have in the second to last picture above – can you tell me where you got it?

  2. Hi Ms… oops how did I forget! it’s Cake – Swoon, one of my favorite hairs by Stumbelina Ophelia

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