Pretty Mina Skins

Lovely new skins by mina Jun <3

I like the fresh skin tone and bright contrasting bold shadows.

[mela’s – Snakebite captive bead piercing + Magika – Spice hair]

[to view these larger, visit my set on flickr]

There are 8 makeups for this medium skin tone — the Live 02. I don’t like to babble a lot when I feature new skins, so I’ll let you decide for yourself. Tp to Minajunk @ Koreshan to demo these!

This skin inspired me to wear my new Starfall Jumper dress from *katat0nik* to create a really cute pink lolita look.

[ *katat0nik* – Starfall Jumper Dress (pink) | *Tweet* – Ami Pink Plaid Umbrella | KessKreations – Cractus Platinum Pink Peark necklace | Fleur – Ribbed Knee Socks | Candy Nail – Cinderella | Magika – Spice hair ]


  1. Those skins look adorable on you. Marni Grut recommended Mina Junk skins to me a while back but I haven’t checked them out, now I definitely will. 😛

  2. Absolutely breathtaking Gogo! I’ve been ‘Um-ing ‘n Ah-ing’ with skin demos from so many places recently for a few weeks. Thank you for blogging these because I now may have found what I’m looking for <333

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