Cuteness Overload

Last week I was walking around Zafrira, a punk-grunge shopping sim and I found the CUTEST bag ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of those “I wish I had it in RL” items!! Below I paired it with the Little Swallow Queen Hoodie, the latest release from *katat0nik*. The swallow graphic is an original artwork by Katat0nik Pidgeon and it’s super cute. I really adore stuff that’s detailed and artistic.

[*katat0nik* – Little Swallow Queen Hoodie | Redgrave – Pink Stripped sneakers | Drawmachine – Jeans hotpants | /artilleri/ – Rhinestone Cateye Retro glasses | Fleur – Ribbed Knee socks]

[Reveil – Gourmand bag by Manna Yoshikawa]

Mmm… croissants & Strawberry yogurt shake. The bag is 252 prims of yummilicious kawaii goodness.

[Laqroki – Tasha skin + Night hair]

Summer school here I come! 😛

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  1. Its adorable the more u look at the fine details the more to enjoy. And then..look she wears stuff too…Top looks nice but I cant see the graphic :((((( and omg the bag..such cuteness is..almost..too….much. clock tells SL time..books i want to read..croissants i want to sneak one bite of..clips..straps..string..and a cuddly puppy with sleepy moving eyes and lil “Zzzzz’s” that float away…I’ll sit behind u on the bus everyday..just to looket this bag…and BTW..feeling educational means wearing glasses ? for every mood and situation eh Gogo !..:))

  2. I love your blog! You have selected the finest clothes in SL that I didn’t see that very often!
    Good work girl.
    btw, I got your invitation about worldpress blog, can u tell me what is it about? (pls reply in email) 🙂

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