Subscribe to Juicy!!

I have recently purchased a subscription with Subscribeomatic! Now you can get all the latest Juicy products & sim news without using up a precious group space.

You know you want to……….. come and click this board to start getting your JUICY news!

Posted by gogo

Gogo is a leading fashion and decor blogger of Second Life. Focusing on what's new and now, her honest take on what she sees and buys is the quintessential voice of the consumer.


  1. Sorry if this came thru twice!! I got a weird error from wordpress. Anywho, in the advert for your misha shape, what skin are you wearing?

  2. yay for subscribe o matic 🙂
    and apparently they have a contest on for all you store owners: Tagline idea contest!
    Grand prize: The best tagline idea will get you a free 12-month Unlimited subscription plan.

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