Review Copies

Review Copies FAQ

1. Do you accept review copies?

Yes but I cannot guarantee that I will blog it in a timely manner. If you’re still interested, send it to Juicy Littlething.

2. I’ve sent you items, why haven’t you blogged it?

I try to feature many things sent to me, but my time is limited. If I haven’t blogged your items, it may be because it got lost in my inventory, it doesn’t suite me, and/or I just don’t think JuicyBomb readers would like it.

3. What kind of things do you like to blog?

Everything cute! I like to be diverse and feature a range of things.

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Gogo is a leading fashion and decor blogger of Second Life. Focusing on what's new and now, her honest take on what she sees and buys is the quintessential voice of the consumer.


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