Markova For Summer

Markova Apparel has an awesome line of Summer wear. I looove bathing suits and bikini for all seasons in SL. Earlier this week Cubic Effect released a line of sculpted hats that are perfect for shielding your avatar’s face away from the SL UV-rays and look good doing it!

[ Markova Apparel – DeepV Pink One Piece Swim Suit | Mirai Style – Romi hair ]

[ Markova Apparel – Pink Wild Zebra Bikini ]

[ Markova Apparel – Splattered Spring Dress | Mirai Style – Miho hair]

I love art and colors, so I really like this dress because its like wearing an abstract piece of paint splatter with awesome cleavage. Everything is adorable except I had to lighten the skirt prim attachment to match the dress better, and rotate it slightly, because it didn’t sit right on my av.

Tp to Markova Apparel to check out the rest of the designs.

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