Hey there, Frilly Summer Thing

Visa Volare of Twosome released this awesomely titled outfit called Frilly Summer Thing! I love that this outfit can be worn many different ways because it comes in several layers and includes 2 skirt options — short frilly skirt, and a long lace pattern skirt.

[ Bikini | Short Frilly Skirt w/ Sheer Tank worn over bikini | /artilleri/ – lovely lily! | BeBae skin ]

[ Back View | Front View (without Bikini top) ]

This outfit is great for beachwear but can double as lingerie too because it’s so versatile. I love the sheer tank, it’s got that great “wet” look so perfect for the beach.

TP to Twosome @ Starlust to check out all the goodies.

** Randomness of the Day **

A lot of people said, Gogo, how come your AV never smiles? Looks pouty? Has a dead blank stare?

The answer to this is…… I don’t know! I don’t like to emote, but I assure you my AV is happy 😛 So here is a collage I made of ALL the emoting you could possibly ever want to see from me……………

[ That’s me going through the emote menu ]

**edit** The hair is called Elegant Hair from JUNWAVE, I’ve re-textured mine with a brighter blonde.

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  1. I love your hair! You have it from /artilleri/ ? i was already there but i can´t find it anymore there.. 🙁

  2. Love your stunning photos.
    Be cool if one day you did an entry on the basics of taking stunning photos like you do 🙂

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