I’m a mainland owner!!!

This is me… on my new land. Happy shiny smiling Gogoness.

After being in SL for almost 2 years, I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought some mainland! zomg!!! I know I did things in reverse. I bought a sim, and couple of open spaces… but I’m really really really excited to own some MAINLAND. My friends gripe about mainland all the time, so I’ve not really had to deal with annoying neighbors and such… looking forward to happy times! Hopefully my new neighbors are nice and have good taste 😛

Can’t tell you where it is but I will say it was bloody expensive and has waterfront access and it has more prims than my open space sim! Here’s to happy good times in mainland!

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  1. Runs off to buy land near Gogo….I think I’ll put in another white trash trailer park..right across the pond from you:) Won’t it be pretty? We can watch Jerry Springer over our coffee and cigarettes EVERY morning:)

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