sinDecade Auri Skins

The latest Auri skins from sinDecade has even more eyeshadow colors than the previous skin lines. These are so colorful, they’ll be really fun to match with different outfits! Below I’m showing both the T1 and T2 tones, they both have the same makeups and comes with or without freckles.

[ sinDecade Auri T2 skins | W&Y – Yuki 37 hair ]

[ sinDecade Auri T1 skins | Maitreya – Aimee hair ]

Close-ups of each skin can be found @ my sinDecade Flickr set.

I loooooove variety from skin makers when it comes to makeup colors. The more the better, please!

If I were a superhero, I might look something like this…

[ Kin – Blossom hair | i-Candy – ButtCape (black/pinkleopard) | Schadenfreude – Hot Pink Batwing Tank | Classic Type Goggles by Luann Hicks ]

[ J’s Goth Ribbon Laceup Boots ] Sexayyyyyy!

TP to sinDecade’s main store to demo the latest Auri Skins and more!

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