Hi, My name is Ruthie

The ever important question, “Am I Ruthed?” is a thing of the past with SL’s latest client release 1.20. I see clouds everywhere now!!!!!!!!!!! So this is my official farewell to Ruthie entry.

Rutheie vs. Me! by you.

[ Refuge: Radiant Ruthie costume ]

Alaska Metropolitan proposed an interesting challenge on her blog this week. Make Ruthie hot/cute/decent looking without modifying the original Ruthie shape.

I’ve never thought Ruthie was ugly, all she needed was some softer curves and less ‘muscle’ on the sliders.

This is me vs. Ruthie in different skins:

[ Click the image above for a larger view ]

Do we look similar? Whenever I see a ruthie shape, I just want to tweak it all over!!!! Just a couple of minor changes and Ruthie could be supremely Radiant.

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