Stitch by Stitch Emily

The Stitch By Stitch Emily Dress is full of Orangey goodness!! It’s a little too early to start thinking about Autumn, but I just love love love all the colors. The Emily dress is perfect for lounging around on a beautiful Autumn day. I was so inspired I snapped some in-world pics on my sim, and at BettiePage Voyager’s Furniture shop location.

Stitch by Stitch Emily by you.

Stitch by Stitch Emily by you.

[ Stitch by Stitch – Emily (Orange) | Detour – Achtung hair ]

Stitch by Stitch Emily by you.

@ BP’s Furniture Shop. I love the concept of this shop! When you land, you’re in a field of wildflowers, to get to the actual shop, you have to walk inside a barn and fall briefly down the stairs and there’s the shop.

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