Santa comes early!

It’s Christmas in August @ the Juicy Bella sim! The merchants have left pressies under the Christmas tree and inside their shops, so be sure to check both! Freebies galore!! <3

FREE GIFTS @ Juicy Bella sim by you.

Some stuff I found at the sim…

FREE GIFTS @ Juicy Bella sim by you.

*katat0nik* Rina Dress

FREE GIFTS @ Juicy Bella sim by you.

QC Designs Tiara Platinum Pink Diamond!

FREE GIFTS @ Juicy Bella sim by you.

*Zanzo* Sick pink free outfit (I don’t know why this outfit is called Sick, it’s very CUTE!!!!)

As you can see there’s loads more pressies under the tree………. I haven’t unpacked everything!

Tp to the Juicy Bella Christmas TREE! The event will probably last for a week 🙂

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  1. Ohhhh, what a pretty tiara!!! heeeeee!! Glad I made it. I can’t wait to sort through all the gifties. Knowing the designers at Juicy I know it will all be so gorgeous!!!!
    Congrats G, on the expansion, you’re always amazing me with what you come up with next!! ~~ Queenie

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