Victoria for Dutch Touch

Morning everyone! This is a reminder that today is the LAST DAY to grab goodies from Juicy Bella sim launch event before all the pressies are removed from under the Christmas tree tonight (midnight SLT).

Victoria Shape by you.

Also, my Juicy for Dutch Touch shapes are now available at the Dutch Touch main store too, so be sure to visit DT and check out the skins because they’re sweet & sassy. Skins are on the ground floor, you have to fall down a hole to get there from the 2nd floor.

I’m wearing Dutch Touch Victoria skin above in Sunkissed tone and my latest Juicy Victoria shape. Am I cute or what! 🙂 If you like this look, come and get it!

Victoria Shape by you.

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  1. know its not to do with this post but are you making boots for this season – dont want to be of buying stuff if I know theres ones in the pipe line

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