Couverture Outfitters

Couverture Outfitters by you.

Love this latest release from Couverture Outfitters by Chocolate Arashi. I’m wearing the Moga Pink dress, it comes with a skirt, prim belt, and a sleeveless and long sleeve option with prim cuffs. Shown above is the sleeveless top cos SL is having problems today and I can’t rez the long sleeve top!

I’m pairing this dress with Siyu Suen’s lovely Lady’s Fur Stole and hair 37 from W&Y. This hair is really cute, I get asked at least once a week where it’s from! At $30L for a 4-color pack, it’s a total deal!!! I love the messy updo. <3

Couverture Outfitters by you.


  1. Cute dress but no glitch pants? Argh! I know we can craft our own but, in this day, really! I’d prefer glitch pants over the system skirt any day.

  2. I guess we’re meant to wear our own panties, but I agree with you, glitch panties/shorts would have been nice 🙂

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