Defectiva Skins

Defectiva skins by Disembodied Hand

Defectiva Skins by you.

[ Click the image for larger size and my Defectiva skin Flickr Set here ]

Defective skins are beautifully done with interesting makeups. Each makeup also includes a “Noir” option that has darker eyeliner and a bit of a runny mascara look. I love that even the runny mascara is PRETTY!

Defectiva Skins by you.

I fell in love with this persimmon hair color at Novocaine! Coincidentally, the brows on these Defectiva skins matches perfectly with this hair color. I’m wearing Novocaine – Antoinette hair.

Defectiva Skins by you.

This is so cute.. its La Tigra makeup. I think if you’re going as a Tiger or some type of feline for Halloween, this makeup is THE PERFECT MAKEUP!!!! Well done, Disembodied!! It’s cuuuuuuuuuute…………

Defectiva Skins by you.

Tp to Defectiva to demo all these skins for yourself 🙂

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  1. Ebi Eyes by Kekona Aichi — AMAZING, aren’t they? I picked up a free pack at their shop, can’t remmy the location now.

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