Gogo likes…

I hope Dpende does not mind my using his pic as an example of a hot male avatar, which is a rare occurrence in SL! Or maybe I live under a sculpted rock.. and therefore it is rare to ME!

If I were a male avatar, I would want to look like this:

Sin titulo by Dpende.

I am a huge fan the Paratge blog, even if they hardly ever update anymore 🙁


  1. I totally agree GoGo, Dpende has always been one of those male avies that I have just lusted and drooled over every time he posted a new entry. Especially when he reviewed skins. 😉 I miss their posts and I wish they see this and hear our plea to come back! We love you Dpende and Maat! 😀

  2. The shape looks like one you can buy on slexchange. pretty average. I guess you should look around more in sl.

  3. I’ve been a huge fan of their Blog and hope they do indeed post something new soon.
    Maat is gorgeous and…Depende is definitely one of the few SL Men I drool over.

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