Are you… Beyond Chastity?

Beyond Chastity is a newly launched brand by Chastity Vandeverre, located on her NEW NEW NEW sim, Virtue! A small but growing clothing collection includes something for everyone! I’m a fan of the Workout outfit, which comes in an assortment of cheerful colors and includes shorts, shirt, and socks on all layers.

Beyond Chastity by you.

And the Back to School outfit with a PINK ARGYLE sweater and ooo… plunging neckline!!!! <3

Beyond Chastity by you.

Visit to see all the items or tp to Beyond Chastity @ Virtue and shop your little heart out.

Beyond Chastity by you.

I’m also wearing Nyoko’s fabulous Body Oil in Light and FREE skin from Pulse! (Check the Pulse update group)

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