Fluffy Marshmallows N Stuff

JMMAI2 by you.

The Magic of Oz sim has these cute little food dispensers thing near where I rent my shop. I wanted a piece of plain toast, but the dispenser gives you a random food item for 20L. Sooo… I got Charred Toast first 🙁 After the second try, I scored a piece of Strawberry jam toast, but that’s good too!! Mmmm.. The toast has a HAPPY face!

JMMAI7 by you.

I’m playing around with PS this morning, since I’ve just installed a billion brushes, courtesy of Ryker Beck 🙂 When I reinstalled my PS a few weeks ago, I lost all my brushes so yah… sadness! But I’m happy again, I’m so easily pleased 😛

Went on a small shopping spree yesterday. One of the items I got was this new skin from JM:Mai. It’s sooooo cute.. I <3 you JM:Mai Skins!!! I’m wearing the Byeol skin, but there are at least half a dozen different skin lines at the shop.

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JMMAI8 by you.

What I’m Wearing:

JM:Mai – Byeol 05 Skin
Kin – Blossom [White] hair
MS – Free hair Band
Honey Kitty – Vanilla eating cookie necklace
Winter Moon – Nautical Waste skirt
Winter Moon – Daitny Blouse (pink)
Armidi Gisaci – Unisex Classic Moccas (Baby Pink) (ps. I’ll never get sick of wearing these!)

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