New Video! Gogo Sine Wave

Sine Wave has released a bunch of new "Floor" dances. I’m using 5 different ones for this video, but there were at least a dozen new ones. Hope you like it! I looooove Sine Wave, the best place for single, and pole dance animations in SL.


  1. First off…love the song choice.
    Second…glad someone talked about Sine! Their stuff is fan-freaking-tastic. Ive a dance from them…ugh, cant remember the name right now – but you dance almost like a three year old, hopping and spinning and jumping. Its terribly cute.
    And all their “shake standings” — best little booty dance animations _ever_.

  2. Whats that first dance you’re doing? I looked at Sinewave but was overwhelmed 🙂 Lyndz~

  3. Lyndzay, it’s called “Chicago”. Don’t be overwhelmed by sine wave, think of it as a field trip!! It literally can’t be properly shopped in one day. All my dances from there are collected over the course of 2 years.

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