Rockberry Skin Freebie

Join the [RockBerry] Updates group for a pack of 4 Mia skins group gift! The blue eyeshadow reminds me of Winter weather, so I snapped a bunch of pics in my awesome Bond Girl Ski suit!! This seriously is one of my favorite collaboration from last year between Battered Bouoir and Chapeau Tres Mignon.

RockBerry Skin by you.

Rockberry Skin by you.

What’s your bond girl name? The Bond Girl name generator is oodles of fun 😛 When I tried my avatar’s name, I got Elektra King!! Buuut.. when I tried my site’s name, it generated Dr. Holly Feelgood. UMMMM…… Yah, I would rather be Dr. Holly Feelgood!!! 😛

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