Minajunk skins stolen by Sara Lee

Sara Lee stole my skin tex again by minajun.
[ Photo from mina’s flickr ]

I’ve known Mina Jun for a long time and I know the skins and everything from her shop are original works of art. It makes me sick that characters like Sara Lee and her dozens of alts are allowed to access Second Life and continue to harass legit content creators and steal from them.

Right now Sara Lee may be stealing from Mina directly, but the truth is, she is stealing from all of us. As a shopper, a biz owner, a blogger, a friend.. I’m completely fed up with people who continually abuse and take advantage of others.

for DMCA by minajun.
[ Photo from mina’s flickr ]

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  1. What a jerk. I’m glad to say I’ve never heard of Sara Lee, other than as a purveyor of fine RL desserts, so I wouldn’t have bought from her anyway.

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