My new house!!

The Fallingbridge House by you.
[ deck view ]

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!! I have tons of Barnesworth’s prefabs for my shops so I decided to go with a different builder this time. I am keeping my eye out on his latest unfinished villa though, it looks nice! The home I chose for my beachy parcel is the Fallingbridge Villa by Tya Fallingbridge of Pixel Mode. I bought this home is because the textures are neutral, it goes well on my beach and the bedroom set looks exactly like my parents bedroom set!! It’s kind of cool and creepy at the same time 😛

The Fallingbridge House by you.
[ porch view ]

This home was pretty easy to rez, but I had some issues with the doors constantly closing on me, so I replaced all the doors with a script that would open and close the door on touch only. The script that came with the house automatically closed doors but I’m too lazy to open the doors so I changed all the scripts.

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