Babydoll Romance

Digit Darkes by you.

One of my favorite gowns in my inventory is the Digit Darkes Dinka dress. I had this gown in Autumn colors but I picked up the Winter color this week, a combo of deep reds perfect for this long romantic looking Danie hair from BishWear. Why do I like the Dinka dress so much? Look at it!! It’s a babydoll gown and a formal dress rolled into one. <33

Digit Darkes by you.

What I’m Wearing:

Gala – Classic (Dusty) Skin
Digit Darkes – Dinka Dress (Winter)
Digit Darkes – Marie Antoinette Collection (color cahnging rose garland)
J’s – Real Toe Ankle Belt Sandals
BishWear – Danie (DeepBrown) hair
JCNY – Avalon ring

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