SLink Anya Skins

SLink "Anya" Skins by you.

SLink is having an amazing sale right now, everything in the store is 50% OFF!! This sale also includes the latest Anya skins as well (remember to join the SLink group in-world and wear your group tag when shopping!).

Shown here is Anya in Fair skin tone, and all 12 makeups. A good mixture of luscious red lips and soft makeups in this release. I can’t get enough of red lips, especially during the holidays which practically demands it since everything comes in red!
SLink "Anya" Skins by you.

SLink "Anya" Skins by you.
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SLink "Anya" Skins by you.

[ Close-up ]

Tp to SLink to try Anya and other SLink-y goodness!

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  1. Hey Gogo. Thanks for posting this. I completely forgot about it. Also, may I please ask where you got your hair? It’s very pretty!

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