1. Omg I love it! I so would like to make a inworld video, filming software did you use? Please share the wealth, hehe!

  2. I use a program called FRAPS – it is a simple screen-capture software. And to edit/add music, I use Windows Movie Maker 🙂

  3. Ah! I’ve tried fraps as well before but it seemed so very laggy, I guess you converted the frames to moviemaker. I so ha ve to try this because your clip is amazing 🙂 Thank you.
    And btw, love your playlist too <3

  4. With FRAPS, I record at at 30fps and no sound. I don’t know about the lag.. could be SL. There is some lag, but I film mostly in the sky away from everything.

  5. Awesome Gogo I so have to try this, thanks so much for the info ( shoots herself 700 mts up into the sky ) lol

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