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Dpende should really have won last year for Second Life Hottest Male Avatar… so UMMMM vote Dpende for THIS year, thank you. *passes out cookies to everyone who does*

Vote for Dpende @ NWN

Trust me, Dpende is hot.

Once again, I am hijacking this photo from Dpende’s flickr.

Sin título by Dpende.

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  1. I’d vote for Dpende even without you asking 😉
    He truly is the hottest male avie: love their blog even though it’s not updated 🙁
    And I have no idea who anyone else listed there is…especially Bone? O.o
    Yay, vote Dpende!!

  2. @Leilani – TY!! Dpende seems to be missing in action, so he really can’t campaign for himself. It’s up to US! Dpende should win 😛

  3. Have they posted a winner yet?
    If we still have time: run along and vote…Dpende and Bone are pretty close.

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