*BOOM*, baby!

*BOOM* has just released the sexy Barely There halter tops with sparkly sequined fabric and all-prim chains that fits like a glove! Shown below is the Barely There top in Blue and Black and two different ways to wear them (with or without ruffles).

BOOM - Barely There (halter top) by you.

BOOM - Barely There (halter top) by you.

This gorgeous OTOSHIDAMA hair is New Year’s freebie from the +*DEJAVU*+ group, join in-world and check under notices. LilKim Lovell is a hair genius!! I find it hard to recall DEJAVU hair from memory because all the names are in Japanese and they’re really long! For cute hair, I will suffer through the hell that is my inventory and search for it! 😛

BOOM - Barely There (halter top) by you.

What I’m Wearing:

*BOOM* – Barely There halter
Armidi Limited – Kogo Skinny Pants
Maitreya – Billow Boots (Pearl)
DEJAVU – Otoshidama hair
Redgrave – Jennifer skin

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