Which logo should I use?

I’ve made a new JuicyBomb logo for 2009! The logo will remain in use throughout 2009, unless I get a burst of inspiration or something. I need your feedback, please vote below.

JuicyBomb.com Logos by you.


JuicyBomb.com Logos by you.


Juicybomb.com Logo! by you.

[Retired 2008 version]

*note: If you think they suck, please say so but I probably won’t change it cos that’s all the Photoshop I know and I’m not a professional web-banner maker, but I tried to make it pretty!!

Posted by gogo

Gogo is a prolific Second Life blogger who sometimes write in third person to sound cool. Thank you for reading JuicyBomb!


  1. love the first one, a pretty face like yours shoud be seen.
    personal question here, you review alot of skins on your blog and look great in them but – if you had to go and buy a pack were would you go ? not to review of show new creations but a personal fav.

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