Hugo’s Design Flux

Flux is the latest release from Hugo’s Design and it is very sexy! I totally recommend HD all the time when people ask about latex lingerie, because they’re the best in SL. I don’t normally wear latex but I do collect quite a few outfits from various brands simply for their interesting designs and I like knowing they’re there, should I need a latex outfit!

HD - Flux by you.

The Flux set includes a pair of long gloves, latex bra top, black panties, socks and garters on all layers.

HD - Flux by you.

Here’s a close-up of the group gift from BeBae that I mentioned in my previous entry. This gorgeous makeup is a group-exclusive, so when it’s gone.. it’s gone! Join *BeBae* to get the gift.

HD - Flux by you.

What I’m Wearing:

BeBae – Belina skin (group gift)
– Flux set
MMS Hair – Peta hair
Bax – Ankle Boots Black Patent
:sey – crosspierce earrings (previous group gift)

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