I've been eyeing the fabulous DEN-DUO Giselle & Heidi skins for quite awhile, but my skin folder is ridiculous as it is already. However! I can't really say no or resist anything so here they are, glorious new skins.


Shown here is the DEN-DUO 'Heidi' skins in 4 different makeups. I bought the Giselle & Heidi pack, which is only $1800L for all four makeups and two different brows options.

DEN-DUO by you.

I'm wearing my Digit Darkes 'Alice in Versailles' gown, part of the Marie Antoinette collection. Photographs taken at the Versailles City sim, a beautiful build but sooo laggy my SL crashed several times.

DEN-DUO by you.

What I'm Wearing:

Sky Everett Designs – Cerdwin Rococo White hair
Digit Darkes – MA Collection – Alice in Versailles dress
Den-DUO – Heidi skin

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  1. Den-Dou was the shop I bought my first skin from in SL and I haven’t been disappointed since with the releases since. 😀

  2. Gogo, thank you so much for posting about this dress. I’d been in to Digit and seen it and resisted. But my god!! It’s even more beautiful out of the box. Wow Wow <333

  3. I like this dress because it looks just like the one Kirsten Dunst wore in the Sophia Copolla’s version of Marie Antoinette. I did uncheck the ‘bright’ feature on all the prim attachements though. I don’t like bright!

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