[email protected] Newness!

Ivey Deschanel of [email protected] is one hard-working designer!! She releases new items on a daily basis, now that's dedication! The [email protected] 'Steal This Top' set is sexy and comes in a set of 8 tops for only $225L! I'm pairing the top with the [email protected] 'Naive Eyelet Skirts', also comes in a set of 7 for only $250L! Shown below are all the tops and the skirt in White only.

SN@TCH by you.

SN@TCH by you.

Isn't the skirt sweet? I love this type of skirt with lacey ruffles.

Gala skin by you.
What I'm Wearing:

Gala – Classic – Dahlia skin
Zero Style – Ayase (Swedish Blond) hair
Genesis: Southsea Choker
[email protected] – Naive eyelet skirt
[email protected] – Steal This Top (all colors)

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