Katat0nik’s Fruit Bra & Panties!

Katat0nik has finally made bras and panties!! If you're a big fan of the ruffled panties that comes with many of katat0nik's outfits, you'll love the fruit bra & panties, now sold separately! Yuuum, just in time for Valentine's Day coming up soon, the 7 flavors 'fatpack' would make a great gift…. for yourself! Yah, I'm keeping these all to myself they're so cute.

katat0nik by you.

Watermelon | Poison | Plum | Orange | Lime | Lemon | Blueberry

katat0nik by you.katat0nik by you.
katat0nik by you.katat0nik by you.

The Crystal Beads necklace & earrings set I'm wearing is from *Petit Ange* and it's so beautiful includes color-changeable crystals! The crystals are scripted to change 6 different colors (pink, aqua, green, clear, purple, black) and has a bright on/off feature. I'm not a huge fan of 'full bright' so when items are no mod, I can't turn it off and it bugs me! But this script is great because now I can turn full bright off, yay! <3 Petit Ange!

What I'm Wearing:

MMS – LondonPale-makeup9
Maitreya – Yasmin (Natural Blond) hair
*an* Crystal Beads set (Silver)
katat0nik – Fruit Bras & Fruit Panties

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