Infinity Elizabeth

They're out now at Boudoir Isle!

Annyka Bekkers of Blowpop has a new brand called Infinity. Meet Elizabeth, the soon-to-be released skins from Inifinity, which features the same hand-drawn type skins as Blowpop and they're so pretty!! Immediately I noticed the freckles which are subtle and lovely. They look youthful on, which I love and totally fresh faced. The Elizabeth skins shown here comes in six different makeups (with hair option) and three skin tones: Light Cream, Fresh Cream, Heavy Cream. I have a craving for sweets just typing out those delicious skin tone names!! YAY!

Infinity 'Elizabeth' (Light Cream)

Infinity 'Elizabeth' (Fresh Cream)

Infinity 'Elizabeth' (Heavy Cream)

These won't be released until next week, be sure to check the Infinity Skins blog for all the latest notices.

Infinity 'Elizabeth' by you.

For up-close images of the makeups, please view my Infinity Elizabeth Flickr set!

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