BeBae Coral Skins

BeBae has just released the Coral skins in four skin tones and 10 different makeups each! Every makeup includes light, medium and dark brows, to suit a range of hair colors. My favorite is the 'medium' because it works well with both light and dark hair. This skin has an updated body and different lips and a different face from the previous Belina skins. I think it's darling, and very 'BeBae' with luscious pouty lips!

[ BeBae Skins – Coral – Cinna skintone ]

I love the breasts and torso shading on these skins, they're realistic but still flawless & smooth all over.

[ BeBae Coral Body ]

[ Close-up of face ]

Tp to BeBae Skins for Coral and more.. <3

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  1. These are some of *the* prettiest skins I’ve owned in SL, and I have skins from Redgrave, Curio, Belleza, Cupcakes and MM

  2. hi Kirdanora, I used the Vanity Tipped lashes from Sin Skins today. My favorite ones of all time are CAKE though… because they’re thick. However for skin reviews I am trying to switch to thinner lashes to show the makeups better.
    hi Leilani, I agree the body on BeBae are great, and she always does a great nose & lips!

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