Fishy Strawberry Trackpants

Hi! Happy Friday! You're getting a double-dose of Fishy Strawberry goodness today from both Gogo and Juicy! We're wearing the latest release from Fishy Strawberry, the Barcode Trackpants includes two different versions regular and a 'sweaty piggy', nice sculpted cuffs and laces. I fell in love with these trackpants when I saw it on the blog a few days ago, they look SO comfortable!

On me, a matching grey 'Lets Get Physical' sports bra and on Juicy a bustier won from the Fishy Strawberry lucky chair! And I DID get lucky, I won both colors within 5 minutes of being there! 🙂

We're both wearing SODA skins, which I haven't worn in a long time but they're great. I'm wearing a custom SODA skin made from the Soda Skin Designer website, on Juicy is a sultry makeup from 'The Model' skin set.

Hair from EXILE! I'm wearing the Whitney hairstyle, on Juicy is the Gwen style. We're both lazy sooo we're barefoot, sorry!

Tp to Fishy Strawberry, SODA skins, and Exile hair for all these goodies and more!

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