ISSIGONIS Sayla version 2

ISSIGONIS skins has just released version 2 of the Sayla skins and they have been updated with more ‘shine’ all over the body, a perfect look for bikinis and Summer outfits. I love the face on these, they’re young and cute.

[ Sayla2 (fair) Breeze | Eclipse | Normal | Waterfall makeups ]

Sayla2 has four eyemakeups, different lipsticks varations in each skin tone, and two brow options.

This is the Sayla2 in Medium skin tone in pink and deep red lipstick. I think this tan color is really great, because it’s not too dark and looks great with lighter hair (like Blonde!).

Tp to ISSIGONIS at Juicy Del Mar to try on Sayla and more!

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