Glow lashes & Tasty

[ glow ] studio released a series of fun and artsy lashes! I'm wearing the 'Paint splash' lashes paired with the GLOW Studio group gift for an extra *sparkling* effect. For the first time ever, I'm matching my outfit to my eye makeup! ;P

This is the Stacy Dress in Fuchsia from TASTY, paired with Juicy Classic Pumps in Strawberry and my Zooby's Z Bag! I haven't worn the bag in a long time, and it's still the perfect accessory/pet carrier.

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Classic (Dahlia) skin
FD Hair – Jasmine (Espresso) *no longer available*
TASTY – Stacy Dress (Fuchsia)
Rhapsody [glow ] studio – Paint splash lashes
Juicy Classic Pumps – Strawberry
Zooby's – The Z Bag

Does anyone know what happened to FD Hair? Rach Snookums seems to have disappeared off the grid! 🙁


  1. that close up is amazing..should be framed..displayed at marvelled at for years to come.

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