Gala Phoenix APRIL Skins

Gala Phoenix will be releasing the April skins soon (tonight or tomorrow) and they are fantastic!! There are seven makeups for each skin tone, and two versions of each makeup included in every purchase. If you've ever wanted MORE COLORS… here they are, tons of bright & bold eyeshadow with names that are happy, like Bunny, Rainbow, Showers, Tulip, etc.

[ GP – Petal [Dark] April-Bunny 1 | 2 ] [ GP – Petal [Dark] April-Crocus1 | 2 ]

[ GP – Petal [Dark] April-Jonquil 1 | 2 ] [ GP – Petal [Dark] April-Pure 1 | 2 ]

[ GP – Petal [Dark] April-Rainbow 1 | 2 ] [ GP – Petal [Dark] April-Showers 1 | 2 ]

[ GP – Petal [Dark] April-Tulip 1 | 2 ]

April has new lips, brows, and nose (from what I can tell, there may be more subtle differences all over the body). The new brows are super nice and the lips are a bit pouter, too.

Visit the Curio sim for all Gala skins!

* Hair worn here from [Pacadi Jasha] Susan I – Coffee (group gift)

* Jonquil makeup will be released at a much later date! Sorry about that!

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