Katat0nik 25L Panda Dress

Katat0nik has a $25L Panda dress for sale at her satellite shop on the newly launched Atomic sim!! It's an adorable light blue dress with tiny panda print all over the skirt. (Click here for Kat's shop on ATOMIC)

Here's a close up of the latest Gala Phoenix April skin in 'Pure 2' makeup. The blush and lips on these are so adorable, totally perfect for cutesy lolita dress.

What I'm Wearing:

BP* – Summer Twin Tail (Dark brown) hair
Gala Phoenix – Petal [Dark] April-Pure 2
katat0nik – $25L Panda Dress @ ATOMIC
~ flirt ~ – The Tiffany Necklace – RFL2009
~ flirt ~ – Tiffany Stud Earrings – RFL 2009
Hays Uriza – Cyndi Platform Pump

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