Shiki & Kalnins

I rarely ever do these look-of-the-day type entries mainly because I am lazy and I like to run around barefoot most of the time. I'm making an exception today to show you some new goodies that I bought today during a shopping binge & some older stuff that have been floating around the black hole that is my invy.

This gorgeous Swallowtail Butterfly necklace & matching hair clip is a work of art. Natsuko Paravane does prim jewelry using themes from nature like flowers & animals like no other in SL; I love her pieces so much, and they have a chunkier look than other jewelry but still very delicate looking.

This new Shiki Bikini Outfit (in Tropical Leaves print) is perfect for virtual island life. I rarely wear long skirts, but this one was sexy enough because it had a matching bikini top.

These Kalnins Coquette shoes are all the rage this week, I'm seeing it everywhere on other people's blog so I had to grab a pair and see them for myself. For $500L, these are texture-changeable with 11 color-combo presets, or you can customize your own with 11 different textures (they're all solid colored textures, not prints, although Hawaiian prints would have been very pretty!). Up close, I thought the sculpted work was amazing but the textures looked a bit dusty? Not saturated enough? I'm not sure what it needs since I'm not a creator, but the textures are not as vibrant as other shoes I have. Still, for $500L, its a pretty good deal since you can play around with a lot of different colors combination.

That is all for today!

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Classic (Leaf) Skin
Maitreya – Amber (Natural Blond)
Swallowtail – Butterfly Necklace & Hair Clip
Shiki – Bikini Outfit (Tropical Leaves)
Kalnins – Coquette Shoes


  1. these are made for feet that are size 11 x.x so everytime you want to wear them you have to edit your feet. lame lame lame

  2. I love those bikini outfits. 🙂
    I’m also -huge- fan of those Kalnins shoes. I agree with you–the colors are a bit less saturated than normal. For me, though, that’s the appeal.

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