Hair Fair 09: Exile

[ Exile – Lolita | Lindsay ]

Exile will be releasing 4 new hairstyles for girls and one for the boys. I am only featuring the girl styles in my favorite Harlow hair color.

The Lolita hairstyle includes a small hearts face-sticker attachment (worn just below the eye), color-changeable Kawaii barrettes (worn here), and a simple heart barrettes.

The Lindsay is a long flowy hairstyle with side-swept bangs and lots of layers.

[ Exile – Cerise | Aphrodite ]

This Cerise is a funky shorter hairstyle, which can actually be unisex, it's very cool looking.

And one of my favorites, the Aphrodite hair is an elegant updo with color-changing flowers placed all around the hair, and even an option to turn it off (invisible mode) if you don't want any flowers.

When you purchase an Aphrodite hair fatpack, you also get this sexy all prim flowers bikini!! It's sooo gorgeous and a perfect fit on me (and I have big boobs), so it'll probably fit you too! 🙂

Tp to Exile for demos
Tp to Exile @ Hair Fair

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