Say it ain’t so!!!

Australian network filtering promises to reach out to block games, online games and more (Massively)out to block games, online games and more (Massively)

Confirmed: Second Life, online adult games to be banned outright in Australia

Web filters to censor video games

Internet filter: $44.5m and no goal in sight

These articles are being passed around amongst people on my Plurk timeline, and even though I'm not an Aussie I'm still shocked. I hope this is isn't true! It's alarming, it's strange. Censoring SL is like censoring the internet. Let people decide for themselves?

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  1. I am an Aussie and an SL business owner; A ban of SL in Australia would be devastating for me, as I’d lose a source of income. I haven’t actually seen anything mentioned in our local news, but all of these links floating around today are quite alarming.. Time for my government to get with the times, I think!

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