Happy Tantrum

This post is for Ann Launay, who said she couldn’t locate this awesome Candy Necklace from Happy Tantrum. When Davo tp’d me there and said I *must* have it, I looked at him skeptically since the shop sold mainly Gorean things. But on a wall full of Gorean weapons and things, there was the Candy Necklace, for just $20L! Click here to TP straight to the necklace.

While I was there, I couldn’t help but notice the creator, Happy Kuhn (omg I love her name! in my mind, it’s pronounced very dirty.. like.. Happy Cu…n.., if you know what I mean) had these gorgeous revealing “gorean” flower outfit thingies, see below:

I’m wearing the Lily in Tropical Blends and Pleasures Gardens in Black outfit, both come with everything shown here and more. The PGiB outfit has a sakpak and water jug included!

P.S. I haven’t gone Gorean but I do love flower things!

Tp to Happy Tantrum (omg I looove the store name too!)



  1. Those flowers are gorgeous. If only you had photographed them while wearing some wings! Guess where I’m going as soon as I log on.

  2. hi Faerie! You could rock this outfit much better than me 🙂
    Helyanwe, this skin is from Gala Phoenix, its the “mismatched” makeup.

  3. Thanks Gogo! I went to HT as well and couldn’t find the necklace either, I did see those amazing flowers tho! They look really really good 🙂

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