Sweetest Goodbye Chiki Chiki

Sweetest Goodbye has just released the Chiki Chiki top and it is the best tie-front crop top I have ever seen in Second Life. THE BEST. Let me tell you why…

This top is *ALL* sculpted. When I looked at the folder, I didn't see a shirt texture so I thought maybe the creator forgot to put it in there, but when I wore all 3 attachments (shirt, and 2 sleeves), this gorgeous crop top appeared on my avatar. It's love at first sight!!! The shirt fit me without any adjustments at all, so that's a plus. My boobs are not small, so when I wear sculpted tops usually I have to do a lot of adjustments but this top has room for even larger boobs!! That's good to know….. I'm constantly thinking of making my avatar's boobs bigger, not smaller.

Since this top is sculpted, it gives off a really nice 3-D effect if you want to cam down my top, or cam up, or look sideways… any way you look, it's a good view.


The Chiki Chiki top comes in Check, Lined, Striped, and Flower pattern.

Tp to Sweetest Goodbye!

What I'm Wearing:

LeLutka – LondonRevolutionLight-makeup5b
Truth – Amanda (Mocha)
Armidi – Grace Jeans (Faded Chic)
Sweetest Goodbye – Chi Chiki

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