1. Hmm, I have a friend that is male that only uses a female avatar.
    Thanks for that option on your poll!

  2. Im a guy that likes switch back between guy and girl in world.. more of a shapeshfiter but i like to shop in world and come up with various looks… i’m always checking your blog for stuff. I keep it on my blog list to make sure it’s the first i see every day i log on. Keep it up!

  3. Yep I’m a guy who actually has a guy av. It’s amazing I know right? I mean look at the poll. More then 2x the males have female avs, then males with male avs. It just goes to show that it is hard to be a male in sl. But yep to answer their are some guys that read the blog, about 45-50 according to the poll if you count the cross dressers 😀

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